Hamid Omrani Vision

Greetings, residents of Beverly Hills,

I am Hamid Omrani, and I am honored to present myself as a candidate for the City Council.Having been an engaged member of this community for over four decades, I have witnessed both the positive transformations and the instances where community expectations fell short.

Owning a local Design build and urban design firm has afforded me a unique perspective on the evolution of our cityscape. Through my continuous involvement in various projects and activities, I have become an integral part of this dynamic community. My commitment is fueled by the desire to preserve the integrity of Beverly Hills for current and future generations.

Throughout the years, I have navigated through different governing structures, events, and community activities. This rich tapestry of experiences propels me to contribute my insights and expertise to ensure that our city thrives amidst the changing global landscape.

In the face of rapid changes worldwide, our community must adapt with caution, thoughtfulness, and a studious approach. Beverly Hills is not just a location; it is our home. We must collectively exercise the same diligence and care as we would in our own family homes.

California is grappling with a severe housing shortage, and while the state pursues solutions, it’s crucial that every community’s unique needs, conditions, and environment are taken into account. Now, more than ever, we require a cohesive team with a profound understanding of our community’s intricacies, capable of making informed decisions with a keen eye on future consequences.

My vision revolves around intelligent planning, repurposing underutilized structures, and identifying areas where positive outcomes can be achieved for property owners, the city, and the community at large. I believe in creating win/win situations where state mandates are met, and everyone involved reaps the benefits.

I humbly ask for your support and trust in this endeavor. Together, let us ensure that Beverly Hills remains a beacon of excellence, a community that not only adapts to change but thrives because of it.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hamid Omrani