During last four decades as a citizen of Beverly Hills, and president of a Design-Build entity, I have been deeply involved in numerous projects and community affairs advocating for the integrity of our community for current and future generations.
My involvement with City staff, events, and initiatives has equipped me with a wealth of experiences to bring to the City Council.
In light of the state housing shortage crisis, which mandates Beverly Hills to provide 3000 residential units, I have undertaken a thorough study to explore alternative methods and feasible approaches to meet the state mandates while focusing on safety, integrity, and well-being of the community.
Additionally, emphasizing on traffic, and pedestrian futuristic designs (from B. H. High School to Doheny Drive (crossing over the parking structure by the old railroad track).
Our cohesive team with a profound understanding of the community’s priorities and concerns is capable of making informed decisions with a keen eye on future consequences to outshine any challenges.
My vision driven from the related line of work, and possession of a master of architectural degree revolves around intelligent planning, and identifying areas where positive outcomes can benefit property owners, the City, and the community at large.

Hamid Omrani